Wealthy Affiliate Exposed December 10, 2017

One thing that I hate about Wealthy Affiliate is the platform only has two tiers free and paid. The Free program has 2 trainings, two free websites you create and allows you access to read the very informative articles that Wealthy Affiliates are always posting. They should have a $10 program that would allow you to access some archived training and a forum. $10 is one hours work and most people could do that. But come on it’s not Poor Affiliate, it’s Wealthy Affiliate! Do the work – get wealthy – join the program.

With that said here are the real facts as I experienced it and some advice. I joined WA (Wealthy Affiliate) six months ago and it was wild. It was like going to work and finding a party happening in the office. Your desk is in the corner but, can you get to it? There was meet, greet, network, talk, share, like, follow and your desk sitting there empty. I was overwhelmed by all the action and I got very little work done the first few days.

The little work I did achieve required me to watch videos which were informative and too long. After, four days I was so overwhelmed I left. A few months later I was happy to see that Wealthy Affiliate was still emailing me. I didn’t remember any passwords or anything but I clicked through in the email and went straight to my account. The place was completely quiet my seven day premium access had expired. I was then able to experience the full value of the free site and I am here to say it is worth it.

The training is top-notch. With Wealthy Affiliate you can get the help you need not just to set up your website but to understand what you are doing, how to do it and get it done in quick easy steps – even if the videos are long. The free training alone is worth hundreds and it is free.

The training includes choose a niche (which WA explains as pick what are you interested in). Naturally, I had heard this all before but the delivery of this training made it stick. They cover SEO and keywords allowing you to sample an outstanding tool called Jaaxy that you are going to want to subscribe to (if you can afford it). They teach you to build your website and they host two websites for you in the free (and far more in the paid) program. I won’t cover everything here because you need go over to wealthy affiliate and check it out for yourself.

Are there draw backs? Yes, the raging party is overwhelming but it is also just what you need to succeed in internet business. It’s part of the tools to success which you probably don’t have right now. Your not just at the party Kyle and Carson (the founders of Wealthy Affiliate) are teaching you how to work it.

One of the biggest pros you can get from a company is the proof that they believe in their own product. Wealthy affiliate demonstrates that proof by giving you free training and hosting your two websites; thereby allowing you to work your way into the program. Think about it after you have built the level of success where you can join the program you will join and so will your whole team. Because, Wealthy Affiliate knows if you stick with the program you are going to succeed and your team is going to need the same training you got.

I am not a paid member of Wealthy Affiliate only because I can’t afford it right now. However, with the information I now have I have gone from the sidelines into the online entrepreneur game, finally – but the pack is at my heels. It’s like when the iPhone first came out. IPhone people left everyone else for a moment they got ahead of the tech pack. Siri was awesome. A few years later android has gained on them. Wealthy Affiliate is like that. If you can afford to join now and get ahead of the pack – do it. Click on the link below to start your free trail.

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