The Secret to A Happy Healthy Life

A healthy happy life starts in your mind. Are you keeping company with good thoughts? Thinking good thoughts is more important to getting and staying healthy than eating well, or doing exercise, because what you think determines what you do. When your thoughts are not healthy and happy, you will not be healthy and happy.

Thoughts Are the Key to A Happy Healthy Life

Your thoughts are your best friends. They can lead you to a healthy happy life. Have you noticed that when your friends are upbeat and encouraging you feel good? And when they are down, fearful, or depressed you feel the same, Thoughts and friends are infectious. Happy, positive thoughts and people create more happy, positive thoughts and people.

Don’t Entertain Harmful Thoughts

Are your thoughts bringing you joy? Or are they whispering fear, self-doubt and failure into your life? If they are – dump them! Just like you don’t need friends who do that to you, you don’t need thoughts that do that to you. They are not helping you. Those kinds of thoughts are causing you harm.

Thoughts rise in the mind like waves rise in the ocean. Just like you will meet all kinds of people; you will think all kinds of thoughts. But you get to choose which thoughts you will entertain and have around, just like you choose which people you will entertain and have around you and your family.

Thoughts Can Change Your Mood

People don’t cause circumstances by thinking of them. If that were true death would have ceased to exist ages ago. A person’s thinking pattern creates moods and dispositions that will either help or harm them. Our lives or filled with ups and downs. We look at others around us and think what are you looking at? Poor me! You don’t understand my struggle! So we entertain thoughts like these and develop a bad attitude, because we are not understood and loved the way we want to be.

The trouble is almost every person is looking around and thinking pretty much the same thing. And it is usually because we don’t have enough hours in the day to cope with our pain or the pain of those around us.

Creating A Healthy Happy Life Takes Effort

Having a healthy happy life takes effort. You have to stop looking at your pain and look at all that is good in your life. You hate your job. That’s understandable, but think about how fortunate you are to have a job. So many people would like to have a job. So think, I’m glad I have a job. Your spouse is on your last nerve. Think about how much you love her or him. Think about the times s/he showed you how much s/he cared for you. Others are alone, but you have someone you love. In addition, make sure your expectations are realistic. Getting on your last nerve is the first item in the job description – it’s what a spouse does.

Thoughts Can Change Your Life

Thinking loving, kind and helpful thoughts is the first step to a healthy happy life. If you will let the Pollyanna in you out and develop the habit of leaning toward the positive. Not only will you be healthier and happier but everyone around you will be a happier too.