Begin With A Walk

Eating healthy, looking good and feeling strong are the results of a good diet and exercise. We would all love to eat whatever we want look good, feel great and have that be that. It can work like that if you love to eat fresh organic fruits, vegetables and herbs as discussed in my previous post Eat . If you don’t then you will have to do it with that ugly four-letter word – work.

It’s not hard work, but it is work. It requires a change in habits and that is the hard part. Start by walking. That’s the first step you need to take. 🙂 Add walking into your weekly routine. The best way to healthy and is to get moving. The best movement is walking and almost everyone can do it. Get out and go walking three time a week. How much you should walk depends on what you are comfortable doing. What’s your level of comfort? Can you walk around the block or around the yard or maybe a few trips around the room? Start there.

For example, the first two weeks you walk around the room for 10 minutes (three times a week), after that you spend two weeks walking around the yard for 15 minutes (three times a week), then you spend three weeks walking around the block for 15 minutes (three times a week). The walking gets easier the more you do it and as a result you can do more of it. Keep increasing your walk time until you are walking 30 – 45 minutes three times a week.

It costs you nothing but time and it’s time well spent because your body needs it. Getting paid to be healthy; requires you to focus on being healthy. We can do that together. Don’t wait start walking today. Please leave your comments below.