The Benefits of Walking for Exercise

The benefits of walking for exercise can be summed up in one word – longevity. Unfortunately, exercise is something that most people dislike. Talk exercise and people turn away. They don’t want to hear it. People do not like to even think about exercise because of their belief in no pain no gain. That one belief makes exercise a stressful, uncomfortable, unhappy workout experience.

When considering an exercise program what you should concentrate on is enjoying your exercise and nothing else, fitness, weight loss and better health just happen later after you start moving. If you find your exercise relaxing and enjoyable you will want to do it. That’s the point – if you want to get the benefits of exercise your body needs to move. You need to want to move just as much as you want to play video games, binge watch programs and eat.

Many of us are very familiar with the Aerobic and Anaerobic forms of exercise. We workout under the belief that Aerobic is better for building muscle, getting fit and living longer. That’s not the truth however. Exercise is just one tool in our stay healthy tool box and the more difficult we make it the less likely we are to do. So the form of exercise that is best or building muscle, getting fit and living longer is the actually one we are most likely to do regularly.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise gets your heart and muscles working to pump the blood to bring oxygen to the muscles. Aerobic exercise produces lactic acid in your muscles, which causes you muscles to stiffen up later causing you pain. This is a no pain no gain type of unhappy exercise.


The main type of aerobic exercise is running. Running is good for weight loss. But running is not the best for longevity. It puts stress on the body and increases the risk for injuries. You actually need to have a certain level of fitness to begin with running as your exercise of choice. If you are not fit to begin with starting with running is going to be a challenge and a pain. You won’t want to do it. Fortunately there is Anaerobic exercise.

Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise causes the heart to work harder than normal which circulates the blood and oxygen but does not work the muscles as hard and does not create lactic acid. Additionally, anaerobic exercise helps in releasing stored fat so that the body can dispose of it. This can be the more relaxing forms of exercise such as Tai chi, yoga and my favorite walking.

The Benefits of Walking for Exercise

Walking is the best form of anaerobic exercise. Walking is good for longevity. It can help you to relax, lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Take it slow and you’ll discover another one of the benefits of walking for exercise is getting to spend quality time with those you love. The pace is agreeable for talking. The space is safe because it doesn’t belong to anyone. Going for regular walks a great way to help you and your relationships get and stay healthy.


I love walking and go as often as I can. I recommend that you start walking at least 3 times per week and increasing your walk time to at least 1/2 hour as you feel more comfortable and enjoy it more. I encourage you to get up and out and enjoy all the benefits of walking for exercise for yourself. As for the optimal amount of time to spend and steps to take – some is better than none. You can find your own optimal amount of time and number of steps once you get started.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please leave your comments below.